Will DC be the standard in future?

AC grids have become the standard worldwide for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. But with increasing use of DC powered devices and breakthrough in technologies of  Supergrids and HVDC, DC may become the standard in near future.

Micro-factories for smart-manufacturing: These ant-sized micro-robots work together to manufacture complex structures

SRI Corporation's latest project involves working on an army of ant-sized thousands of micro-robots that co-ordinate among themselves to accomplish complex and delicate manufacturing processes.

NanoSatisfi: Democratizing Space

Open access to NanoSatisfi's Ardusat satellite is opening up new frontiers for public and companies to leverage upon. 
Ardusat Satellite

Will Advanced Robotics transform manufacturing processes?

Agile, flexible and easily re-programmable robots will soon replace sturdy industrial robots enabling more human-robot interaction and transforming manufacturing processes in a way never imagined before.

Baxter Robot

Will computers take over the Knowledge Work?

Advances and development in machine learning, computing power and big data may enable computers to be more intelligent and capable than human beings. Will computers take over the jobs of knowledge workers viz. doctors, lawyers, engineers, automobile drivers, analyst etc. in future?

The era of Self-Driving Automobiles

Henry Ford, the father of mass production, revolutionized the transportation industry in the last century equipping individuals with personal mobility vehicle. The automobile industry is now set to undergo a second disruption as self-driving cars are being taken seriously by the industry.

Mineral resources from asteroid mining to add to Earth's depleting natural resources and World's GDP

With Earth's rapidly depleting natural resources, Planetary Resources looks towards extracting resources from Asteroid mining. 

Where do you look for when Earth's limited natural resources are being depleted at an alarming rate and they have no substitute? You would probably suggest cutting on needs and consumption. But, Planetary Resources has come up with an unthinkable idea of exploring natural resources on asteroids!